Sunday, February 21, 2010

Abandoning the isle of fair

Way back when I actually posted knitting on this blog, I told you I started this sweater dress:

Started is the operative word. After a few rows scowling at my knitting while working flat fair-isle - I surrendered. Life is too short to be angry at your knitting! I think the fair-isle tunic was a mere fling, a passing fancy that seduced me from a magazine cover. I've still got a hankering for a sweater-dress, so I decided to revisit a past love:

This Patons pattern caught my eye when I was working at Ye olde Yarn Hut and I never thought I'd have the patience to knit it. Wrong! The cable pattern is really easy to memorize and it's all I want to knit.

No more scowling at my knitting. I'd much rather have laugh-lines than frown lines!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see it - I bet it's going to be super cute. It's too bad the fair isle was such a bitch. It probably would have been fun if it were worked in the round.

Methinks a sweater dress will be on the menu next winter for me.

Reckless Glue said...

well they are both awesome so you're in good form as always! Maybe I will have to pick up the gauntlet and knit that fair isle number myself...
gah who has the energy?

Jessica said...

I love both of them, can't wait to see the FO!