Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rude babies and green apples

It seems like I'm fighting a losing battle trying to catch up with this blog, so I'll just hang back and take a leisurely pace. Hey, the tortoise beat the hare, right?

First, lets celebrate a victorious finished object!

Pattern: Boys Cable Raglan from Patons Bamboo Baby and Bunnies
Yarn: ??? Cotton acrylic blend
Needles: 4mm and 3.75mm
Notes/Mods: No mods. Cute! Easy! Love it!

This wee raglan is a gift for my preggers co-worker... er, formerly preggers co-worker. Allow me to explain. I finished this little number Friday, April 16th, a whole three days before the intended recipient's baby shower. (Let's pause here to pat me on the back. Did you pause? Did you pat? Okay, let's resume.) So what happened? The baby came three weeks early! Gaah!

Really, fetuses of the world, listen up; We know your due date is just an educated guess as to when you will decide to grace the world with your presence, but you gotta cut us some slack guys. Sirrruslee. Knitters are incredibly adept at leaving gift knitting to the last possible minute, as well as prone to greatly underestimating the time it will take to knit said gift. As for you Mr. 5lb 2oz healthy baby boy? Your early arrival is rude and inconsiderate. Your mother didn't have time to finish your nursery and her co-workers have been denied a pot-luck lunch! Uncouth, young man! Uncouth!

I'll make sure to have a stern talking-to with the little man the first time he dare show his face at my office. In the meantime, I'll celebrate the completion of my gift knitting with a rare occurrence these days:

I'm starting a sweater for me! Sometimes I think the best knits are the un-pre-meditated variety. I liked the Geodisic cardigan the first time I saw it in Knitscene, but had no intention of "actively pursuing" the sweater. Then I went to Romni one day, saw a nice healthy heap of Malabrigo Lace and it all went to hell in a knit-basket.

Green! Retina-searing apple green! I think this cardigan is perfect to go over summer dresses when the sun goes down and patios get chilly. Plus, it probably glows in the dark, eliminating the need for patio lanterns! Unless, of course, you are referring to the Kim Mitchell variety.

Is anyone else ready for summer?