Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vin et fromage, quel dommage!

Last weekend I took a little trip to La Belle Province:

I have nothing but wonderful, glowing, gushing things to say about train travel. After flying the worst airline ever to Vegas, Via Rail felt like riding in Cinderella's carriage.

Ample leg room, food and beverage service, lovely scenery... and this is economy class, people! There are few things I enjoy more than a glass of wine and quality knitting time; enjoying this while simultaneously being transported to a different city? Sweet!

You know what's sweet about Montreal? The French influence that requires wine and cheese to never be more than twenty paces away:

Contrary to instinct, I did manage to ingest a few meals outside of the vin and fromage category.

La Montee? AOK. Make sure to look up when you go to les toilettes:

Unprepared, I gasped and ducked!

With all that good eatin', some good walkin' was in order. Summer in Montreal, much like summer in Toronto, is filthy with festivals. The weekend I was in town offered Les Franco Folies festival as well as The Grand Prix. While these events weren't really up my alley, the latter made for good scenery while walking off the cheese curds.

Am I alone in thinking Lamborghini's are hilarious? I don't think me and the owner of this ostentatious vehicle would have much in common - except maybe an appreciation for the colour orange. I'd much rather take a ride in this little guy:

Tee-hee! Fiats are hilarious too, but in a different way entirely.

No yarn purchases this trip, but I had to bring home a bag of these:

I know, I know, you thought I was finished talking about food, but they don't let you leave Montreal without a dozen oven-fresh bagels in tow!

Back in the T-dot, sober and dairy-free (temporarily!), I'm admiring the progress you can make on the Toronto-Montreal-Toronto route even on a lace-weight cardigan.

C'est bon ca!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

99 Problems but the Stitch ain't one

It looks like crochet has stolen my heart this summer.

New and desperately needed dishcloths. Since I started using handmade cotton dishcloths, I just can't go back to those store-bought rags! Plus, they're fun and easy to make.

Pattern: Daisy Wheel (left) and Primrose Dishcloths - one o' them freebie tear-off patterns from Michaels.
Yarn: Lily Sugar 'n' Cream
Hook: 5 mm (US H or 8 - seriously, what's up with the confusing hook sizing?)
Mods/Notes: Just switched up the colours, but pretty much stuck to the pattern.

I'm also looking to check one of those Knit-o-lutions off my 2010 list:

That there is the first 3 motifs of the 30 it will take to make this guy from the Bernat website. I'm hookin' her up with Patons Classic Wool. My classic wool stash is big and mighty and needs to be taken down a peg! Though I resolve to finish the blanket, I will make absolutely no resolutions about the time frame for finishing said blanket. I've got things to do man!

Like this:

I used to be a self-proclaimed black thumb, but I'm slowly learning how to take care of our leafy friends. Turns out they need both sun and water - crazy! I've managed to keep several houseplants alive and the past few years I've had a decent flower garden happening on my patio. Methinks my black thumb is turning greener (Brown thumb? Olive-green thumb?). This year I'm branching out (pun highly intended) into vegetable gardening. Nothing too crazy, just a few tomato, zucchini and basil plants. If I can get just one calabrese salad out of these pots I'll be thrilled!

And check this out:

My bread-baking skills are improving too. I think I'm slowly becoming a farmers wife. Maybe I should get a cow for the patio.