Sunday, June 06, 2010

99 Problems but the Stitch ain't one

It looks like crochet has stolen my heart this summer.

New and desperately needed dishcloths. Since I started using handmade cotton dishcloths, I just can't go back to those store-bought rags! Plus, they're fun and easy to make.

Pattern: Daisy Wheel (left) and Primrose Dishcloths - one o' them freebie tear-off patterns from Michaels.
Yarn: Lily Sugar 'n' Cream
Hook: 5 mm (US H or 8 - seriously, what's up with the confusing hook sizing?)
Mods/Notes: Just switched up the colours, but pretty much stuck to the pattern.

I'm also looking to check one of those Knit-o-lutions off my 2010 list:

That there is the first 3 motifs of the 30 it will take to make this guy from the Bernat website. I'm hookin' her up with Patons Classic Wool. My classic wool stash is big and mighty and needs to be taken down a peg! Though I resolve to finish the blanket, I will make absolutely no resolutions about the time frame for finishing said blanket. I've got things to do man!

Like this:

I used to be a self-proclaimed black thumb, but I'm slowly learning how to take care of our leafy friends. Turns out they need both sun and water - crazy! I've managed to keep several houseplants alive and the past few years I've had a decent flower garden happening on my patio. Methinks my black thumb is turning greener (Brown thumb? Olive-green thumb?). This year I'm branching out (pun highly intended) into vegetable gardening. Nothing too crazy, just a few tomato, zucchini and basil plants. If I can get just one calabrese salad out of these pots I'll be thrilled!

And check this out:

My bread-baking skills are improving too. I think I'm slowly becoming a farmers wife. Maybe I should get a cow for the patio.


Reckless Glue said...

holy pots batman!
That second picture---I know it's perspective but man those things look like huge rugs already! love the purty.

Brenda said...

The dishcloths are so cute. The bread looks good too. Once retired I taught myself to make bread. the recipe I use is Neils Harbour Bread from Food That Really Schmecks. A fail-proof recipe.

kgirl said...

we'll be buying you bales of hay and building chicken sheds soon, the rate you're going ;) it all looks fabulous!

and I adore those dishcloths