Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stitch 'n' Pitch

I always seem to miss the annual Stitch 'n' Pitch event but 2010 took me out to the ballgame!

I wasn't leaving without a giant pretzel and a giant beer.

While I am far from what you would consider a baseball fan, there's something about sitting around with a bunch of knitters in a relatively un-knitter-ly place that makes me darn happy.

I was definitely in good company. My bud Jen came out and between the two of us we probably managed to catch about half the game. I was too busy checking out what everyone was knitting (my apologies to baseball fans, and players, everywhere). I did, however manage to catch the first pitch thrown by non other than the Yarn Harlot herself!

If you don't know who the Yarn Harlot is, you're probably not much a reader of knitting blogs, which forces me to question how you came to read these words in the first place. Regardless, her account of the experience is a great read.

What's this poking out of my souvenir goody bag? I needed some "dum-dum" knitting to take to the game and used this as an excuse to cast on something new.

While this Brioche Stitch Hat might be dum-dum knitting, it's the assembly that is far from stupid. Wish me luck that I can manage to put this origami-style hat together when the time comes!

The yarn? Some deliciously squishy Andy's Merino that has been stash-languishing for far too long. This stuff is so fun to knit it's flying off the needles!

Speaking of flying off, I'm off to the east coast tomorrow! I'll be spending a week with the b.f and his fam not far from Halifax, Nova Scotia. You can bet there will be much sea-side knitting!

Of course, this is week my cherry tomatoes have decided to start ripening. They will no doubt be perfectly ripe the week I'm away. Garhghh!

Off to pack my knitting!

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Reckless Glue said...

Stitch n Pitch looks like fun (tho I am also not a baseball fan..) man I need to get me some non-internet knitting friends.