Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wanted: Red-handed Squirrel

I awoke this morning to discover a horrifying crime in progress.


Black Squirrel aka Sciurus Carolinensis

Suspect is wanted in Ontario for grand theft green-tomato. Suspect may be responsible for previously unsolved crimes at the same location including disturbance of mulch and kidnapping of underage zucchinis.

Suspect is described as 10 inches [25.5 cm] in height, dark hair, beady eyes, bushy tail. Suspect was last spotted fleeing north on Augusta Avenue.

Seriously, what was I thinking trying to grow tomatoes in the city?


Vaedri said...

I had no idea squirrels would eat green tomatoes. I'll be keeping an eye on the little critters now that my balcony plants actually seem to be producing some tiny little ones.

Delphine Roussel said...

Could it be Mary Stuart Masterson in disguise?

Sandra said...

his relatives are chewing my strawberries up here in Aurora. Not even taking the whole thing, just nibbling on all the red ones. Damn rodents...

msflowerlegs said...

this made me, and my co-workers, laugh out loud!
pellet gun?