Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Yarnucopia

Last weekend my bro and I packed up a rent-a-wreck and went back home for Thanksgiving for the first time in years. The Ottawa valley must have know we were comin' cuz she sure tarted herself up for the occasion.

Our ride was so full of ridiculously showy folliage we had to keep screaming "IT'S SO *$%#@ BEAUTIFUL!!!" It got to the point of ridiculousness when we saw the pumpkins for sale by the side of the road. Really? Really country side? A picturesque little farm selling pumpkins via the honour system from a little red wagon? You really are that quaint? Really? Are we on a movie set?

Naturally, we had to stop the car so I could snap pictures of knitting.

So just what is that bit of knitting kickin' it by the adorable olde tymey graveyard? Why it's a Crazy Zauberball of course! I've admired these colourful little balls of sock yarn from the first time I saw one, but being a self professed "not-a-sock" knitter I didn't see much point in picking one up. Then I found one... at a yard sale! (That was one helluva yard sale, but that's another story)

I looked up my groovy german friend on Ravelry to see what not-a-sock patterns people were making with these Zauberballs and fell pretty hard for this cowl:

Photo shamelessly stolen from MissVirginia on Ravelry.

It's the September Circle by Melissa LaBarre. I'm not really following the pattern so much as, well, let's be honest I'm ripping it off. I figured I didn't really need a pattern for such a thing. Let's call mine the "October oval".

I finally have more time for personal knitting and I'm itching to start a million projects. Hey, and with the universe handing me chance sock yarn and charming scenery to photograph I should be doing a lot more blogging too. Now that's something to be thankful for!

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Reckless Glue said...

yay, welcome back!