Sunday, November 14, 2010

Royal Deutsche Baug

Every year I think; "Hey, I should go to the Royal!" and then I realize it's mid December and the fair happened three weeks ago. Not this time, baby!


Those are award-winning bums!
Butter sculptures!
Giant mutant vegetables!My hand is in there for scale, but feel free to admire my new Axxium mani.

Sheep petting!

Hilarious signs!

The Superdog show was more fun than I thought. I expected a tightly rehearsed show-dog type scenario and instead witnessed a canine version of a hockey tournament where the pups routinely decided to ignore the rules and do their own thing. That's right, doggies! Don't let those trainers boss you around!

Your fun at such an event is closely tied to your choice of companion:

I believe I chose wisely. This dapper young man is my brother and fellow enthusiast in farm fresh food, shopping and wine tasting.

Hey, braving those crowds makes you thirsty!

The Royal did not disappoint when it came to appealing to the fibre enthusiast either.

See an alpaca...

Buy some alpaca!

I had a good chat with one of the ladies at the Meadowview Alpaca stall and impressed her with my knowledge of northern Ontario landmarks. How often do you get to buy yarn from the person that raised the Alpaca?

My review of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair? Two thumbs up! I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend not leaving without some of the best got-dang maple butter tarts I've ever had.

Royally delicious!


subliminalrabbit said...

that looks like too much fun!

Reckless Glue said...

so fun! Now I can't stop thinking about butter tarts, thanks.