Sunday, November 28, 2010


I am not ashamed to admit that these mittens are the result of both peer pressure and blatant plagiarism.

As someone who is lucky enough to work in an office where people sit around and knit at the lunch table, I always get to to check out my co-workers projects. For whatever reason, the cool thing to knit these days is thrum mittens. Naturally I had to join in.

Pattern: Mid west style thrum mittens from No Sheep for You
Yarn/ Fibre: Fibrepalooza Wool/Cashgora blend (undyed) & Schoppelwolle Fingerwolle pencil roving
Needles: 3.75 mm (I intended to switch to 4 mm after the ribbing but I forgot. I'm glad I didn't though because they're a perfect size!)
Notes/Mods: Obviously, my mittens are not "no sheep" like in the book. I added thrums to the thumbs (thrum-thumbs!) even though the stitch count doesn't fit the thrum pattern repeat. I fudged it to make it work. Why leave your poor thumb out in the cold?

The cozy thrum-y interior. Mmm!

As for the plagiarism, that was somewhat sub-conscious. Given the thrum tradition originates in the maritimes I thought my souvenir Nova Scotia yarn would be perfect for my mittens. When it came time to pick out roving for the thrums I thought I was a genius for choosing rainbow-bright fibre to really pop with that neutral yarn. I somehow forgot that I'd seen my friend and co-worker Jen wearing thrum mittens in that exact colour combo last year.

Enh? Whatever. They're awesome mitts, I don't care if I didn't invent them! Hey,when it comes to knitting, I don't mind being a sheep (groan!).


meghan said...

they're adorable!!!! I love them so much

subliminalrabbit said...

love love love!

Delphine Roussel said...

Yes! I drooled over a pair of these at Red Pegasus on Friday.

The Nutritionista said...

If you want to get rid of the hands are cold!

Reckless Glue said...

love these,,,totally need to try some thrumbs this winter!