Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bonne fête

This year I celebrated my b-day mangling the French language in Montreal. Whee! Or, j'mexcuse... Oui!

I treated myself to a new camera and spent the weekend gallivanting around Montreal trying to figure out how to use it (the camera, not the city).

And you thought Katy Perry was overexposed!

Birthdays are a great time to convince others to participate in activities they would normally have no interest in.
Ice skating! On Mount Royal! My rented skates were named "Soft Cameo". Is it just me, or is that hilarious?

This marked my first time on skates in 15 years. Highly embarrassing for a Canadian. My initial though after stepping onto the ice was; "Oh no! This was a big mistake! What was I thinking?!". After a few wobbly circles around Beaver Lake (also hilarious) I got my groove back. I may have to make this ice-skating business a more than once-every-couple-of-decades kind of thing.

After the ice-capades, the rest of the weekend was spent doing more more or less standard activities from my favourites list.

Drinking fine wine with fine looking gentlemen:

Fine dining and fine doodling:

It's a paper placemat. I didn't deface anything, calm down!

And of course, fine thrifting:

This was the largest Salvation Army I have every set foot in. Look how far back that goes! And there's an second floor! I nearly had a heart attack faced with all that bargain hunting!

In the end I only picked up a couple of sweaters and these guys:

100% wool yarn on cones. Should I let the fine looking gentleman know
a 69 cent cone of yarn thrills me more than fine dining?

Mild frustration ensued browsing the furniture department, full of interesting things we had no way of hauling back to Toronto.

These two chairs would have been pretty great for enjoying our respective hobbies: Newspaper reading and knitting. (If that floral chair had been pink and orange I might have been calling Via Rail to inquire about oversize baggage).

In the end, carry-on luggage was just fine for our souvenir bagels. Bonne fete a moi!


Delphine Roussel said...

Joyeux anniversaire Julia and congrats on your new baby!

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday!

I miss Montreal being so close. Merde.

Andi said...

Happy birthday!

Reckless Glue said...

happy birthday!!!!!! (belated)

Brenda said...

Bonne Fete for sure.

Mystery Bruises said...

great stuff, i feel like charity shopping now!

Fox said...

A Belated But Happy Birthday Julia! I had fun trolling though your last year!Great blog!
Fox ; ))

jeannie said...

But I like the overexposed self portrait. It looks very ethereal - Rowan would use that for a pattern book cover. :0)