Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snowmantic Interlude

Yesterday was a snow-day! Despite receiving only 15 of the 30 centimeters (or 3 gauge swatches) of snow expected, the whole city shut down and I luxuriated in the chance to work from home.


1: Sleep in. But not too much. I spent the 45 minutes I usually waste commuting on the Sufferin bus luxuriating in the comfort of my own bed.

2: Make pancakes. Cereal is for suckers. You've got time on your hands, so whip up a batch of blueberry banana decadence!

3: Work. Okay, so it's not all sleeping and pancakes. Channel all that extra energy from good sleep and complex carbohydrates into a productive workday. Boot up the old Mac, but do so sans make-up whilst sporting mix-matched clothes and cozy slippers.

4: Take a walk. Time get outside and burn off the maple syrup. Don't even think about riding your bike.

This is not my bike because I am not a moron.

I kind of wish I had brought a sled to Trinity Bellwoods, but in reality,
sledding by yourself is kind of creepy and weird.
If only I'd had the forethought to put together a toboggan posse!

4: Come inside and dmire snow melting on your hand-knits. 'Nuff said!

5: Make chilli. Nothin' tops a bowl of chilli after a long walk through the snow. Well, actually, the best yogurt in the world tops it.

6: Relax. Might I suggest some appropriate cold-weather indoor activities? Mario Wii?

World 3 is especially apropos - it's all snow and ice and you get to dress like a cute penguin!

More about crochet Mario here.

7: Knit. You know I can't let a day go without knitting, right?


Anonymous said...

Have you tried the coconut or lemon Liberte Mediterranean yogurt? Droooool

Anonymous said...

I love your snow day! We have been having lots of those here in our first winter in Maine. I had never thought of taking a photo of snow on our handknits, that is such a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing! Here are my blogs:

Anonymous said...

Those slippers look soooo cosy!

Brenda said...

LOL! Measuring snowfall depth in gauge swatches. I love it!

kgirl said...

oh! i wish we had snow days...I would totally be doing all on your list ;) especially the chilli topped with yoghurt!