Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stuff in my house

Lately I've found myself suffering from serious decor envy. My newfound obsession with decorating blogs (like this one, this one and this one) combined with the general "spring renewal" vibe of the season has got me itching to redecorate my entire apartment. Seeing as I plan on moving within a year, this endeavor would essentially be a waste of time. Forever the optimist, I've decided to try and celebrate the little corners of my home that do make me happy. Once in a while when the light is right, and the shabby bits are cropped out of sight... stuff in my house doesn't look half-bad.
Clockwise from top-left: Sunshine on my Liberty of London for Target bedspread,
My childhood bedroom fan (super-dangerous!) used as bookend,
kitschy kitchen knick-knacks, My favourite wall of the kitchen .

Friday, April 01, 2011

Fashion Weak

Okay, so I don't really think Fashion Week in Toronto is actually weak, but I can't resist riffing on one of the best album titles ever. In past years, I've always felt like fashion week was this cool kids club that I wasn't invited to. Managing to swing a free pass this year felt like being invited to the prom queen's birthday party: I didn't expect to become her best friend, but you bet your Louboutin's I'm wasn't staying home!

Wednesday night I took my definitely-not-Louboutin's down to the red carpet to check things out.

The demographic at Heritage Court was quickly apparent: 25% media; 25% industry; 50% fashion blogger.

I was photographed by fashion bloggers twice in half and hour and thought; "Wow. I must be fashionably inspiring!". Before long I realized the high density of fashion bloggers at the event required the bloggers to photograph almost everyone in attendance to ensure their blogs weren't solely plastered with other fashion bloggers. The fashion snake eating it's own tail, perhaps? Maybe the ouroboros will be all the rage next fall.

After purchasing a "totally reasonably priced" glass of wine and passing on a photo-op with Ken...

...I got in line to see the new "Attitude" collection by Jay Manuel for Sears.

Never underestimate the power of celebrity. Our homegrown make-up artist turned Tyra gbf tuned a Sears fashion show into a standing-room-only event. As a result, this was my view of the runway:

I was close enough to recognize Rebecca Hardy and Yasmin Warsame strutting their stuff, but I never caught a glimpse of the silver-haired man of the hour. In fact, I wasn't even sure he was there at all until I checked reviews the next day. There's a perfect review of the show here.

The fashion world is fun and silly and I try not to take it too seriously. Overall, I thought the event was interchangeable with the vibe at a music festival like NXNE: More hype than art. I think a lot of these events become more about being seen and having the best VIP backstage pass than the music or fashion they intend to showcase (back to the cool-kids club). That said, I think getting a bunch of fashion bloggers (and myself) to line up for an hour to see clothes from Sears is pretty fantastic! "Work it" indeed.