Saturday, September 10, 2011



During one of our lunch-hour conversations, me and my ladies at work coined a new term; "Borderline pioneer disorder". Loosely defined, if you have conducted, or had the desire to conduct any of the activities you may know from Little House on the Prairie, you may be suffering from this malady. Make a quilt? Borderline. Can your own homegrown tomatoes? Borderline. Raise a sheep, shear it, wash it, card it, spin it into yarn, knit it into a sweater? Well, that's full-fledged pioneer territory.

My "pioneer" efforts this summer were decidedly more Martha Stewart than Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Bourbon Poached Peaches
. This was an amazing year for Ontario peaches, so I decided I should preserve some of the bounty. Unfortunately, peach season coincided with the ongoing heatwave we call July in Toronto. Nothing makes you feel more pioneer-y than slaving over a giant pot of boiling water in 40 degree (104 F) heat.

After an afternoon of sweat, I produced exactly one and a half jars of peaches. Sigh. Despite following the recipe to a "T", something went awry and my peach-to-syrup ratio was seriously unbalanced. So what did I do with all that extra peachy-bourbon syrup?

Nothin' beats a heatwave like a Mint Julep.

Martha may have let me down at the peach party, but she came through like a champ in the cut-and-paste category.
As a renter, I can't say I've ever put much thought into my light fixtures. When we moved in (10 yrs ago!) we covered the bare bulbs in each room with cheap and cheerful paper lanterns from Chinatown. When I saw this idea in Martha Stewart Living, a light bulb went off (har-har!).

If you'd like to make a lantern yourself, I used regular white craft glue
instead of double-sided tape with great results.

I'm sure Martha did not intend for these paper-crafts to be used as permanent indoor lighting solutions, but hey - I'm not Martha. I also hope to move out before these lamps (I made two, one for the bedroom and one for the kitchen) get dusty and yellow. A friend told me the lamp shade looks like a swan's ass. Swan's asses are pretty, so I concur!

Last but not least, I broke out the spray-paint. Not very "pioneer" at all, but Soule Mama is terribly pioneer and she did it too.

After scoring some frames leftover from a photo-shoot, I gave them a cohesive look with a coat of turquoise spray paint. Spray painting is messy, but I love the result. Behold the new hallway gallery!

I finally found a home for the funny brass peacock decorations I thrift-ed years ago!

After a stinky hot summer in the city, I'm finally taking a vacation. The new hubby and I are packing up a heading to Belfast/Amsterdam/Berlin. Stay tuned for tales of European adventure!


kgirl said...

i LOVE the brass peacocks!!

swans ass, brass peacocks, bit of a theme? ;)

Reckless Glue said...

oh love that lamp! have a fun trip!!