Sunday, November 06, 2011


It was the end of daylight savings time, that lovely time of year when we can all make like Cher and turn back time. Despite the advent of 4:30 sunsets, I was thrilled to have an extra hour on Sunday to dedicate to blogging. Blame seasonal affective disorder (NOT seasonal affected disorder) on my inability to finish the post for two whole weeks. Can I get some love and understanding? Do you believe in life after failure to blog? Can the beat go on? How do I fit gypsies, tramps and thieves into this? Maybe I'll just turn to something else Cher is no stranger to: sequins!

In what must be a record-breaking turnaround, I have managed to knit souvenir yarn into a finished object within a month of purchase. 30 days! That's like, standard invoice turnaround!

Pattern: Made 'er up.
Yarn: Sequin-spangled cotton yarn I brought back from Germany, striped with wool sock yarn picked up ages ago at a thrift store.(I guess you could call it a half breed?)
Needles: 3mm and 3.75mm circulars (magic loop)

This yarn was screaming beret and I listened. I figured the sequins would be pretty scratchy around the 'ole noggin, so I opted to use wool for the ribbing. When a co-worker suggested striping the wool in with the sequin yarn I thought it was a bang-up idea. It's a good thing I listened too, because by the time I started the decreases that little cone of yarn was looking mighty thin. I finished the beret with just a few meters to spare!

I'm thrilled to have a shiny little whisper of a hat to wear before the real warm woolies of winter are needed. You'd have to have a heart of stone not to like it!