Saturday, April 21, 2012

Colour Happy

In my first year at art school I think I was the only person who loved colour theory class.  I loved learning I could mix any paint colour under the sun using the process primaries.  I loved learning how to manipulate colour, how colours work together and why.  I guess it's a bit of a nerdy fascination. 

  Through Pinterest (y'all are over there at Pinterest now, right?) I discovered Design Seeds and have become mildly obsessed with Jessica's colour palettes inspired from photographs.  Now I know there are "apps for that", but if you know you're way around photoshop, it's pretty easy to create your own photo palettes.  Here are a few of my very own palettes made with my very own photos - so satisfying!

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Anonymous said...

What will you do with the color palettes? They are really pretty (I especially like the spider one)