Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fear of the mommy blog

     It appears I have a strong fear of conventionality, or at the very least, conventional titles.  When I was engaged, I would rather gag than refer to my guy as my "fiance". From this I graduated to giggling every time I used the word "husband" and rolling my eyes every time my post-nuptials vacation was labeled a "honeymoon".  Now I find myself just days (probably) away from becoming someone's mother and perhaps it's time to get over it?
     This blog has not been stalled for lack of content. As a matter of fact, I have oodles of things to show you and talk about.  No, dear reader, this blog has been stalled by fear.  Fear of the "mommy blog"! Here I go again with my labeling issues.  There's something about adding the word "mommy" to things that I just find so off-putting. Mommy-and-me swim time!  Mommies in motion exercise class!  Mommy sing-along group!  I could get into a whole feminist rant about how the title "mommy" reduces a woman to a singular role, de-sexualized and one-dimensional, but I think the ladies of SNL put it best:

     Now hey, don't get me wrong. I don't think the instant I give birth I'm going to develop a penchant for wearing pleated jeans (I made that mistake in 1990 and I'm never going back). I just don't want my blog to go from cool crafty content to; "Guess who pooped in the potty today?!".  

     The thing is, being pregnant for 10 months (Yes 10. 9 months is a lie. It's actually 40 weeks!) keeps baby thoughts at the forefront of your mind.  And what knitter/sewer/crafter/generally artsy kinda gal isn't going to create stuff for their baby-to-be?  

     To make a long story short, in order to show you all the crafty goodness I've been up to, I run the risk of turning this into a (shudder) "mommy blog"!  So let's throw caution to the wind and look at some baby crap!

Tiny dresses!

Formerly a Liberty of London for Target scarf

     Converting my "studio" into a baby room (I also hate the word "nursery". Seriously, what's wrong with me?) required a pretty ruthless purge of my fabric, yarn and craft supplies.  While a lot went out the door, suddenly those little bits of nice fabric I thought too small to really be much use became incredibly useful - baby dresses!

     My fabric purge had me assign projects to anything I wanted to keep, which really gets you motivated to turn raw materials into finished goods!  I made both of these dresses from a free pattern I found on Pinterest (hallowed be thy name) - you can find it here .

A use for that rick-rack I can never seem to part with!
     The pattern is really quick and easy.  My only concern is the tiny sleeves.  I opted not to add the elastic to the sleeves as suggested in the pattern after noticing how teeny the openings were.  We've all seen those chubby little arms and legs with the extra rolls and folds only the under-3 set can get away with, right?  I certainly don't want a skinny baby (so wrong!), but I hope her little arms will fit in these dresses!

     So there you have it. Running the risk of mommy-blogdom, I'll be posting much more baby content to come. Bear with me and my neuroses.  I didn't even get into my tormented decision to by Birkenstocks for my swollen feet!